from yesterday

was watching jack dee, stand up comedian, comedians have freedom, lots of freedom, not that they exercise every bit of freedom they have, bit like poetic licence they have comical licence (dont know whether to spell it with a S or a C or a Z :D), anywayz at the end of the show he reads out some text messages the audience has sent him and one of them was :

"Men are like a pack of cards, you need a heart to love them, a diamond to marry them, a club to break their face in, and a spade to bury them"

then yesterday i was reading a book, i shall not say which book, many will know, many will not. i think this paragraph applies to me

"No, I have made no such pretension. I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding. My temper I dare not vouch for. It is I believe too little yielding-certainly too little for the convenience of the world. I cannot forget the follies and vices of others so soon as i ought, nor their offences against myself. My feelings are not puffed about with every attempt to move them, My temper would perhaps be called resentful. My good opinion once lost is lost for ever."


big D said...

I watched jack dee's live @ Apollo last night too. It was funny. I didn't know the guy i just watched accidentally and loved it.