Sony Blues

sony is about to cut 10,000 jobs coz they need to streamline...not good news for anyone!

something to be happy about, this is apple head Steve Jobs checking out Sony's new walkman range the NW-AW3000,

apple got some stick from BBC watchdog program this week for their double standards towards british customers about the ipod battery life, apparently the civil actions taken america over the battery only apply in USA, not in UK, i think coz it rains here so much the batteries work to their full capacity, its about temperature and humidity and well...environmental factors!
people on the program were complaining about not getting the player to play more then 5 mins of music after full charge (of course they had gone past the 1 year warranty) the batteries cost somewhere near £100 pounds to replace,

then there was another guy who had a small crack on his ipodmini but was still in the gurantee period but apple wouldnt repair his battery coz his gurantee was voided by the cosmetic scratch, HUH?