Sustainweb - Check it Out

last friday i went with janar to help out sustainweb to arrange an event, got there around 2, cut up some wood, stapled notices to board, everything was going well til it started raining, den we put up two tents with the help of a few people, it was pretty cool,

some stupid insect bit me on my wrist

i got coupla bites on my elbow aswell,

den janar vounteered me to do the DJ-ing the next day, burned some music, did the DJaying, it pissed down with rain, the tents almost collapsed.

den saturday night went to a BBQ..which started at 8pm and lasted til 4am, in a tent just like the one i put up for sustainweb, i think i got monoxcide poisoning, drank too much coke and the sugar made me do stupid things, still waiting for the pictures, those should be a laugh,

did my presentation on monday, kinda rushed it, i didnt say half the things coz i didnt practice it, so i didnt say the things i wrote down in the notes as i didnt wanna just read from the notes,

went for the viva on the 13th...didnt have one...passed my course...and now have my MSc, graduation in spring, i'm not gonna celebrate til i get a job or some sort