what the f is freedom when it comes with

if you are an american you live in a world with different set of law governing your freedom compared to someone living in...lets say China, both countries have laws limiting your freedom.

then american freedom isnt really freedom is it, its YOUR idea of freedom, and chinese have THEIR idea of freedom.

not everyone in america likes the american idea of freedom, not everyone in china likes the chinese idea of freedom,

not everyone in america likes the chinese idea of freedom, not everyone in china likes the american idea of freedom,


what the F is freedom?

we all live in a society where we have to send our kids to school, kids must study, kids must get a job, 9-5, start a family then die. this the pattern of everyone in a stable country. through this so called life, you are told what you can do and cant do, so you do and it carries you on to the end where you die. what is the freedom in this life? the choices i have? that fact that i have choices is my freedom?

all is not well in this western society, it is detriorating, the disease is spreading and freedom is the parasite.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this little darky does not like this country. Why don't you go to Africa so you can be with the other apes. They share everything and the ones who work harder than the others do not get to reap the benefits of their labor.

AJ said...

and guess why that is? coz they been fucked over by your kind of people

ever heard of the slave trade?

think beofore you speak, spastic

Anonymous said...

We did them a favor.

AJ said...

do you know where china is? and africa is? do you know where communism exists? do you know where apes exist? do know where the slave trade took place? and once more do you know where communism exists?

Anonymous said...

Africas problems ( and the negroes problems for that matter ) are self induced, and attitudinal. Deep down anyone with an ounce of semi-intelligence knows this to be true. Phot-op sad pictures of starving negroe children posed with Angelina Jolie which ALWAYS coincide with a movie release speak to the " hearts " of many. The problem is it speaks only to the heart and not the brain. If people just opened their eyes and called a spade a spade ( pun intended ) everyone would be a lot better of and be able to address the real issues and maybe think for themselves. Everything I said before was true and you know it.

AJ said...

how is it self induced? while western countries continue to exploit africa for their greed?

for one country to be great it must keep the rest down, thats the policy of america. a country which refuses to cut down carbon emissions to make a difference to global warming. that alone is proof of selfishness.

Anonymous said...

Self induced : The Chinese built China Towns in every medium to large city accross the U.S. The Indians have Little India's and Little
Bombay's every , there is also Little Saigons, Mexican restaurants are so abundant I am sick of looking at them. The koreans own practically every market in New York. These are all profitable contibuting ventures. The negroes on the other hand have created Little Africa's such as Watts, South Cental L.A., South Philly and many more drug infested crack, gun ghetto's around the country. Have you ever heard the expression, " There goes the neighborhood " ? Well there is a reason for it. The negroes need to stop the whining and complaining and just do something. Anything.
Global warming ? Are you kidding me ? What a waste of time. Something that is a possible maybe at most ( when we are all dead ) is ridiculous.

AJ said...

you are off your head,

the indians, koreans, chinese have they culture to help along the way, the white man took the black peopls culture, made them day in day out work in the fields and forget their roots.
there are many people not complaining which consists of the sports stars and music stars, which i think you forget,

you should not forget the white trailer park homes, they are also as poor as the black people of these places you mention

try listening to some Tupac shakur,

"instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs so that the police can bother me"

"i aint done a crime i aint had to do"

solve poverty, you solve the lows of society

Anonymous said...

Of course their are poor white people. The difference is they do not blame every single one of their misfortunes on their skin colour. Negroes love to blame others for seeing everything in " black and white terms " ( pun intended ) yet they are the very worst with it. As far as " the white man " STEALING the negroes culture. 1 ) Here we go again with blaming everything on the white people and not even considering an internal look for any basis or begining of problems. 2) Cultures are not for sale. They cannot be bought, sold, given or taken. If the darkies want to chuck spears, talk to the witch doctor and screw their sisters they can ( and they do ) at any time.

AJ said...

and the mormons marrying 8 women and red necks marrying their sisters is a myth?

do you think its wrong to blame the white people when ignorant white people such as you exist?

white people were killing the black slaves which could read or write to keep them uneducated, how can they carry on their culture if the white people never let them practice their culture?
you can take away culture, slave trading is a prime example of how you do it.

Anonymous said...

No the mormans are not a myth. Yes, red necks have been known to marry their sisters. Yet both groups have managed to not become a whining national embarrassment.
For a group that has no culture I sure find myself having to look at an awful lot of dashiki's.