figure this...

if a girl likes me...and i dont really like her..hey snailyor see it going anywhere..snaily?carry onwhat shuld i do..tell hertell her what?tell her ur not interestedwhat if it was the other way around..what do u mean?if i like the girl..and the girl doesnt seem interested..i dunnoshuld i wait do u know she def isnyu can sense a bad vibe..shuld i wait or shuld i move on?oh rightbad vibe?bad vibe ...the girl isnt really interested..oh rightwell maybe she is taking things slowlyso u think he shuld wait?yepwhats the need to rush?what have others said?what if he has bad experience waiting around..and he is tired of it..dunno up to him,depends on how much he can be arsed to waitanywayz..back to original qs..i shuld tell da girl that idont like her?yehhowever,how do u know she def likes u?by the way she acts..h well then she might not like uu can easily tell whether or not a girl likes u or nothow?ok k fair enoughwell if u think she wants something to happen u should tell herhuh?which girl..the one who likes me or the one who doesnt?the gal that likes uwhat shuld i tell her..that i dont wanna get involved?the truthyehin a nice way thou think the girl that doesnt like me will do the same thing to me?maybe who knowsthat boring..i think i'ma get with the girl that likes mey?i discovered in my lifetime..good things dont come to those who wait..but u dont like her?u cant just go out with someonewell my friends believe if u do wait u will get what u wantu have to be patienti've always believed "greater things come to those who DONT wait"its soooooooooo boooooooooooooooringoh well u believe what u want to but i hope my friends r correctwhats the point of getting with someone if u dont like them?its not fair on themlife is boringneeds a bit of excitement


Anonymous said...

"i discovered in my lifetime..good things dont come to those who wait"

That is sooo true. I'll fucking shoot anyone who says good things come to those who wait. Only fuckers who haven't experience real life believe in that crap.

SemiLOOSE said...

YES! :)

we must shoot them!!!! :)