from stelios...the man with easyjet...easycinema..easyeverything...easyshopping thing too, some kinda of price comparison thing he is doing, i'm surprised he hasnt gone for easyauction...but then again that aint his style..

5p for texts and 15p any network any time... this a beautyful deal. no monthly charge, u just pay ur initial £10 credit for calls and u get sim card and a number..
one catch or maybe not a catch but reason for cheapness is the fact that they dont give you a handset, you have to purchase this,

of course usually there is small catches within which only come to light after you are using the service, maybe even the lack of service, bit like the 3 network problem, but i think easymobile is using T-mobile network and it doesnt have many customers so there shouldnt be service problems...i think i'll call t-mobile and put it to them that if they dont upgrade my phone that i'll quit t-mobile, this might make them give me a cheap upgrade..


easymobile catches
itemised billing is £2, altho online billing is free,

cant see any other catches that arnt already used by other networks, t-mobile charges me £1 for itemised billing

hmm..seems good


big D said...

can't make international calls. and it will let u go over ur £10 but will charge £5 to unlock it.

I had it and given up. reception is not all that around chessington area