hollywood and indians

the good old american indians and hollywod, everyone has atleast once seen a western movie where the indians are savages and the white americans are heros, but was this really the case? so america is a vast place, wasnt there room for the indians? couldnt they have divided up the country into two and given the indians a country?

where are the indians now? and the abroginies of australia? they are 2nd rate citizens now, living in poverty.

watch the westerns but when you come across a savage indian, ask yourself why he is a savage? does it just make good tv?


crazymagashi said...

There are some reservations the white man who put my people to keep them from wandering and being 'savage' that Indians still live on. Yeah, poverty is right. Third world country my mom likes to say. We govern our own land, though. You might say it helps us keep our culture, unlike the Cherokee who kind of lost theirs.

crazymagashi said...
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AJ said...

so which tribe (if the right word) are you?