Chelsea Vs Man Utd turns USA vs Russia

bit too dramatic dont you think

according to the latest news on bbc, mr glazer, an american investor has bought a majority share in man utd by convincing two irish race horse owners to depart with their share in the football club,

US sports tycoon Malcolm Glazer has won control of Manchester United in a £790m ($1.47bn) takeover bid.

Interesting, last year..or was it the year before mr.abramovich from russia, an oil tycoon, bought Chelsea and turned chelsea, over night, into a top club in the world,
Man Utd was already the worlds biggest club and with this new owner willing to invest more, i forsee the premiership getting rather more interesting that any other football league. not that its going to help english football.

UK based Man Utd fans said they will boycott games and not buy merchandise but how long can that last? Most Man utd fans dont live in UK anyway,