U.S. aid not reaching Tamils in Sri Lanka, professor says

Observer Tribune

CHESTER TWP – A Cornell Medical College professor who toured tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka, told Lioness Club members on Thursday, May 5, that she was “embarrassed” by the lack of U.S. aid that is reaching the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Countries who sent aid would have their flags attached to the tents or goods they sent, she said.

“I didn’t see any American flags in the North, but in the South they were plentiful. I came across an entire hospital that had been donated by America,” Roberts said.

“In the North, I was embarrassed by the lack of American aid. There was some aid from Norway, who had brokered a peace agreement between the two factions on the island,” she said. “There was also some aid from Germany. I’m part German, and I wanted to tell the people there I was German, not American.”