Go Galloway!

American Bigots

american government is trying to blame the missing 9billion on other countries when it has gone missing from under its down hand,

america has such a corrupted system, this is another watergate scandal, they pretend to be the police of world but who will police them?

newsweek published news about Quran descration by soldiers in guantanamo and abu gharib but since it sparked global riots the US government quickly ordered the editor of newsweek to withdraw the comment, newsweek wouldnt have printed this news without enough evidence but now its retracting its comments due to governmental pressure, so much for freedom of speech in USA,

9 billion dollars of iraqis money has been stolen by american politicians and bureacrats now american politicins are trying to blur the picture so that the blame doesnt fall on them,

Kofi Annan was implicated in the missing money, seems like american senators are on a smear campaign,

when saddam hussein came into power, americans were kissing his ass for oil and selling him weapons, the money making mentality of americans go on, as long as they dont screw americans the american law allows it

i dont know how long americans are going to live under that smoke screen built by hollywood of its politicians, they all think their politicians are saints, its time for americans to learn the their politicians are corrupt to the core. the fact that americans are in trouble overseas is because of your politicans actions, just remember that.