Media Circus


we are manipulated everyday,
everything around us is a manipulation,
the media is the biggest manipulator
manipulating what you do
manipulating how you do
manipulating when you do
manipulating why you do
also manipulating where you do

buy that nice SUV
buy petrol from that station
eat that food
drink that drink
go here
go there
come here
wear this
dont wear that
these arnt educational
if things were educational then it would be fine
like how do avoid burning the house while cooking
or how to treat a wound

the media is full of junk
we are junkies, the media is a whore

in the new country
there shall be no useless media
no silly serial of epic proportions but dumb story lines
the programs shall be educational
targetted audiences
how to do things right
how to grow saplings
how to teach your kids
how to check on your kids and how they are doing in school
tv dumbs down and dumbs the audiences in the west
we must make tv which enlightens the viewer
makes them think, a better life, filled with facts rather than fiction
the media will play a huge part in the growth of the society
it will help the needy, teach the uneducated
media will be a teacher to the country.