Territorial Tamils

why are tamils territorial?

VTT all stick together, have VVT get togethers,
mannar do the same...ariyalai do the same...kokku..konda..etc..etc..


here u have VVt cricket team..football team...den mannar blah blah blah,
is this the way we try and stick to our roots?
what does this villege get togethers achieve? is it like a BIG family get together, since tamils always marry inside the village every1 in the village is related to every1 = big family?
my village is better than your village?
my caste it better than your caste?
we are better people because we come from this village?

and now the tamil youth takes it a step further with gangs named out territories in london, the east ham gang, croydon gang, purpose?

i for one, in eelam would like to see little london, little canada, little toronto appear in the main city, like china town exists in all cities, all cities should be represented by a shop or square of some sort in the capital of choice in eelam,

i wonder whether this territorialness is in our blood or given to us by a colonial force, tamil unite for a bigger cause but break away as soon as the bigger cause isnt mentioned, like a chemical reaction in equilibrium, very reactive, unstable, explosive.

your comments?