friggin studyin

insufficient funds

things arnt going well,i need to study, i didnt have work today but spent all the time on the computer, wasted half a day
got exams in 6 days,

its when i'm studying i seem to be thinking of good things, well bad things relatively speaking, what to do with my website, stupid time to think about that.
need to do something with and also update the cricket website, i guess i can do that in ten days time, i keep tellin myself that and try and conentrate on studying but for some odd reason its hard

Computational Genomics & Seq Analysis : Fri 20 May 9.30 – 12.30 Sports
Protein Form & Function : Tues 17 May 9.30 – 12.30 Sports

my exam time table, hmmm, my make or break year, a looming break

almost quit my job today, asked for next week off and lady in personell started giving me grief, what a pathetic job, cant wait to finish exams and find another job.