Labour Day

out with the old and in with the...old

Mr.Blair with his family, another election won, another 5 years, wonder what these 5 years hold for me,

conservatives had no chance, especially with michael howard, now he is on his way out, a blessing for all conservative voters, and who will step into his shoes?
i think its going to be Dr.Liam Fox,

i'm impressed with his confidence and i think he will be a good leader but he is scottish, can a scottish man lead the UK government? one thing bad about him is that he is cunning like a fox, :D , i've seen how he has set out to destory labour during this election and i'm slightly afraid, i see a slight manic in him trying to get out,

wait a minute, i got two exams, two major exams, that hold the key to me getting my masters and what am i doing? political commentary? :-(