Unheard Voices


it seems once a week there is a tamil killed by the SLA in sri-lanka, last is a protestor killed when SLA fired into the crowd, injuring 15 and killing 1, this is usual now, a few months back a girl was run over by an SLA truck,
GoSL pretends it cares for the tamil people, the sinhala people pretend they care for the tamil people but when things like this happen you have to wonder if they really care or they just fronting they care in order to deceive us,
when the SLA isnt involved in a killing, they blame the LTTE, but when SLA kills someone they dont care,

when a tamil person dies, sinhala people and GoSL blame it on the LTTE and questionthe validity of LTTE's cause, "how can they fight for tamil rights when they are killing tamil people"? the most foul statement when in fact they care less about the death of the person but more about selling the right propaganda.