Blu-Ray Disc


the competition is heating up over Blu-ray and HD-DVD, i think in the end both will get released and consumers will decide which is better. of course it all depends on the price of the two items when giving the same amount of space on one disc. Blu-ray with dual layer says 50GB while HD-DVD with dual-Layer says 30-35GB.

i think HD-DVD will become your standard CD while Blu-Ray will become the DVD while the existing formats dissapear, and anyway who is to say another format wont come along? i suspect they are already working on an even better format which gives 100GB+

Sup Homie?


its all good dawg!

Liverpool Vs Chelsea

we put one over chelsea last time... and hoping to do so this time around but seems the off pitch war is more interesting..

Benitez (liverpool manager)
"Everything we have done in training we did - maybe a point is better for them but in a qualifying group, another point is important."

Mourinho (chelsea manager)
"Normally the team at home is not happy with a point but I think they are."

haha..its all mind games..



from stelios...the man with easyjet...easycinema..easyeverything...easyshopping thing too, some kinda of price comparison thing he is doing, i'm surprised he hasnt gone for easyauction...but then again that aint his style..

5p for texts and 15p any network any time... this a beautyful deal. no monthly charge, u just pay ur initial £10 credit for calls and u get sim card and a number..
one catch or maybe not a catch but reason for cheapness is the fact that they dont give you a handset, you have to purchase this,

of course usually there is small catches within which only come to light after you are using the service, maybe even the lack of service, bit like the 3 network problem, but i think easymobile is using T-mobile network and it doesnt have many customers so there shouldnt be service problems...i think i'll call t-mobile and put it to them that if they dont upgrade my phone that i'll quit t-mobile, this might make them give me a cheap upgrade..


easymobile catches
itemised billing is £2, altho online billing is free,

cant see any other catches that arnt already used by other networks, t-mobile charges me £1 for itemised billing

hmm..seems good

Microsoft Gadgets

microsoft gadgets

now everyone is making "widgets"

Quote you cant fight

i have read this before somewhere and thougth it was something a religious person cant argue with,

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.

– Stephen F. Roberts

Blue Ray Heat


well well wwell, is it beta-max all over again for sony?

companies are fighting out which format of next generation DVDs to use, HD-DVD by toshiba or blue-ray by sony,

Intel and Microsoft have said they will support Toshiba-led next generation DVD technology

wonder whether the choice to support toshiba my microsoft has something to do with the rivalry between microsoft and sony. Sony says its Playstation3 will have blue-ray disc capabilities which will outdate microsofts xbox 360, even tho xbox 360 does not support HD-dvd.

backers of Sony's Blu-ray discs include Dell and Apple.

atleast sony has some support but is not as huge as intel or microsoft

sony is fighting battles on all sides, against microsoft it has the playstation 3 the console war, with apple is has the walkman/ipod war and so and so on...

Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers are supporting the hd-dvd while disney is saying they'll support blue-ray but will consider hd-dvd, the problem is sony has its arm in the studios as well with its columbia studios, so they'll chose blue-ray

seems the problem with blue-ray is that it costs more maybe if sony were to make some leaps in lowering the cost of the disc then things might look up

from yesterday

was watching jack dee, stand up comedian, comedians have freedom, lots of freedom, not that they exercise every bit of freedom they have, bit like poetic licence they have comical licence (dont know whether to spell it with a S or a C or a Z :D), anywayz at the end of the show he reads out some text messages the audience has sent him and one of them was :

"Men are like a pack of cards, you need a heart to love them, a diamond to marry them, a club to break their face in, and a spade to bury them"

then yesterday i was reading a book, i shall not say which book, many will know, many will not. i think this paragraph applies to me

"No, I have made no such pretension. I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding. My temper I dare not vouch for. It is I believe too little yielding-certainly too little for the convenience of the world. I cannot forget the follies and vices of others so soon as i ought, nor their offences against myself. My feelings are not puffed about with every attempt to move them, My temper would perhaps be called resentful. My good opinion once lost is lost for ever."


what the f is freedom when it comes with

if you are an american you live in a world with different set of law governing your freedom compared to someone living in...lets say China, both countries have laws limiting your freedom.

then american freedom isnt really freedom is it, its YOUR idea of freedom, and chinese have THEIR idea of freedom.

not everyone in america likes the american idea of freedom, not everyone in china likes the chinese idea of freedom,

not everyone in america likes the chinese idea of freedom, not everyone in china likes the american idea of freedom,


what the F is freedom?

we all live in a society where we have to send our kids to school, kids must study, kids must get a job, 9-5, start a family then die. this the pattern of everyone in a stable country. through this so called life, you are told what you can do and cant do, so you do and it carries you on to the end where you die. what is the freedom in this life? the choices i have? that fact that i have choices is my freedom?

all is not well in this western society, it is detriorating, the disease is spreading and freedom is the parasite.



some idiot said she is 16...i dont fink so somehow..Tamanna, Telugu actress

Gizoogle...pimp my blog


what does gizoogle do? it translates your webpage....into what language? into Gangsta language...

i alredy have the babelfish for other languages..check diz it pimp's my blog

Gizoogl'd SemiLOOSE Blog

Sony Blues

sony is about to cut 10,000 jobs coz they need to streamline...not good news for anyone!

something to be happy about, this is apple head Steve Jobs checking out Sony's new walkman range the NW-AW3000,

apple got some stick from BBC watchdog program this week for their double standards towards british customers about the ipod battery life, apparently the civil actions taken america over the battery only apply in USA, not in UK, i think coz it rains here so much the batteries work to their full capacity, its about temperature and humidity and well...environmental factors!
people on the program were complaining about not getting the player to play more then 5 mins of music after full charge (of course they had gone past the 1 year warranty) the batteries cost somewhere near £100 pounds to replace,

then there was another guy who had a small crack on his ipodmini but was still in the gurantee period but apple wouldnt repair his battery coz his gurantee was voided by the cosmetic scratch, HUH?



i ran into this girl coz she is involved in some betting syndicate that Murali (sri-lankan spin bowler) got involved with or, a girl that looks similar to her, or something like daat...but god she fit or what..

yeah so i stole da pic from indiaglitz..but i'm hosting it on blogger. must seek out more HQ pictures

job hunting

life is a always..
tryna get a decent job but they always asking for experience, the last job i applied for i put i'll work for peanuts on the convering letter, if that doesnt work then i might aswell forget tryna get a job in bioinformatics field.

Niece's birthday

well she is 1 year old now, 1 year young, before you know it she'll be 16 and asking who i am to tell her what to do...

i've suddenly noticed there it too much happiness in the family, it is usually when u at the height of happiness that bad things happen, (or does it just look bad coz it happens at a happier time) hmmm,

time to get back to job hunting..

bizzy man


this man is busy zooming into the field to spot famous cricketers....

India Vs USA


got this from the above website:

inches of rain in new orleans due to hurricane katrina... 18

inches of rain in mumbai (July 27th).... 37.1

population of new orleans... 484,674

population of mumbai.... 12,622,500

deaths in new orleans within 48 hours of katrina...100

deaths in mumbai within 48hours of rain.. 37.

number of people to be evacuated in new orleans... entire city..wohh

number of people evacuated in mumbai...10,000

Cases of shooting and violence in new orleans...Countless

Cases of shooting and violence in mumbai.. NONE

Time taken for US army to reach new orleans... 48hours

Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach mumbai...12hours

status 48hours orleans is still waiting for relief, army

and electricty

status 48hours later..mumbai is back on its feet and is business is as

usual's most developed nation


the lanka racists..

the lanka academic, is full of idiots, i posted pictures of the JVP march against LTTE in canada and they decided to ban me, what kinda forum is that?

Song of the times - Playhouse by Pretty Ricky

Artist: Pretty Ricky
Album: Bluestars
Year: 2005
Title: Playhouse

You in our playhouse
Let's play
Yeah this ya boy Pleasure, Baby Blue, Slick 'Em, Spectacular and we are Pretty Ricky...

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

[Baby Blue]
Yeah, Baby Blue Whoa!
I'll be your Jamaican lover strokin' in ya potwa
I'll be your mexican lover bangin' up your pinyata
I'll be your French lover got wee wee for your C-double-O chie
Baby let me la la la lick your body
Wax that ass, wax on, wax off ...
I'mma eat that plum, pop that cherry lick chocolate from your banana split
I'mma kiss your neck, keep it wet, Baby Blue never have unprotected sex
This ice cream cone never get soft
It's gettin late, turn the lights off,
you tha worker and I'm tha boss
Got your pink slip girl, let me lay you off

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

Baby relax ya mind I hear you grittin' ya teeth
I see you grippin the sheets
Your legs are squeezin me
girl you can't handle me. Five minutes you dead sleep
Havin' wet dreams fantacizing 'bout me.
And I knew that you loved me cuz the way that you was shakin me
never 'bout teasin' to me always about pleasin to me
and I can feel your body at it's climax you finna bust
so baby, close your mind, and just hush (shhhh...)

Girl I wanna play with you. (Don't Stop, Don't Stop)
Girl I wanna play with you (Don't Stop, Don't Stop)
Girl I wanna play with you (Don't Stop, Don't Stop)
Girl I wanna play with you

[Slick 'Em]
Yeah I'll be your lover man your sneaky freaky kinky brother man
your undercover lover man you my Wendy, and I'm your Peter Pan
We can get freaky deaky playin hop scotch or connect the dots
we can do it fast or slow, but I'mma make your body hot
Long John Silver got you grippin the pillow makin ya body shiver
lay up wit ya like Reggie Miller
I'm your sexual healer for real-a
I know 12 ways to make your body shiver
let me drill ya
open up your legs let slick 'em high go low and lick ya

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

We can play house and touch, touch
Lay you on the couch and hunch hunch
Baby just shhh, hush hush
I'mma eat ya body out like lunch, lunch

(Don't Stop, Don't Stop) Girl I wanna play with you.
(Don't Stop, Don't Stop) Girl I wanna play with you
(Don't Stop, Don't Stop) Girl I wanna play with you
(Don't Stop, Don't Stop) Girl I wanna play with you

Sustainweb - Check it Out

last friday i went with janar to help out sustainweb to arrange an event, got there around 2, cut up some wood, stapled notices to board, everything was going well til it started raining, den we put up two tents with the help of a few people, it was pretty cool,

some stupid insect bit me on my wrist

i got coupla bites on my elbow aswell,

den janar vounteered me to do the DJ-ing the next day, burned some music, did the DJaying, it pissed down with rain, the tents almost collapsed.

den saturday night went to a BBQ..which started at 8pm and lasted til 4am, in a tent just like the one i put up for sustainweb, i think i got monoxcide poisoning, drank too much coke and the sugar made me do stupid things, still waiting for the pictures, those should be a laugh,

did my presentation on monday, kinda rushed it, i didnt say half the things coz i didnt practice it, so i didnt say the things i wrote down in the notes as i didnt wanna just read from the notes,

went for the viva on the 13th...didnt have one...passed my course...and now have my MSc, graduation in spring, i'm not gonna celebrate til i get a job or some sort

effin bored

well dats it..uni is need to find a job, findin a job is hard, especially finding a job in biological field that you wanna stick with through thick and thin,

need a job ASAP!!!

i predicted this....


i predicted this months back, that this idiot would step up to be the tory leader.. and now he has.. the Dr. Cun(t)ning Fox, i think the only thing he has against him is that he is scottish, dont know much history about UK but i wonder if any scotsman has ever made it to be prime minister?
his patriotism might make him speed up the scottish devolution

what makes him cunning is that he is intelligent, cant deny that..

tories, lost to the british public, come around as winners by having a scottish leader?

the sony fight back


as suspected a company like sony will churn out a hundred mp3 players in a statistical hope that one will win the day...this is its new baby... the NW-A1000 or the NW-A3000 depending on the size of the hard-drive. 6gig or 20gig, looks good but not as good as the ipod nano?


america..blah blah of the free blah blah blah...home of the brave..blah blah blah...

most powerfull country in the world...

9/11 bought it down a notch...

bush brought it down another notch...

den katrina brought it down another notch...

so powerfull, it cant help its own people

dixon hard time

Dear Customer,

For 2 days only, we're offering you an exclusive FREE DELIVERY offer on all orders over £99. that is going to entice delivery...ooooh ...for only 2 days..oooh

Apple nano ?


does apple make products for new customer? yes

does it depends on itsexisting customers? yes

coz i'm sure most apple ipod owners own an ipod mini and shuffle..and now will own an apple nano..

looks good if they fit that colour screen in it..

cant wait for sony to fight back...

God damn tree-hugging hippy scum

God damn tree-hugging hippy scum

nu skool posse

end of cricket season

the team enjoys a winning end to the cricket season , beating out old rivals the merton boys, with the last batsmen scoring chasing 30 runs to victory,

break open the champagne.. supplied by janar.

Chinese for Cousin's Birthday

went to a chinese restaurant for my cousin's bithday, ordered the duck, as u can see no one touched the greens,

i think i liked the starters more than the main meal, salty squid fried thing was good

Tamil resurgence event in Kilinochchi

Around one hundred thousand people from various parts of Vanni mainland took part in the Tamil national resurgence event held in Kilinochchi on Thursday.

figure this...

if a girl likes me...and i dont really like her..hey snailyor see it going anywhere..snaily?carry onwhat shuld i do..tell hertell her what?tell her ur not interestedwhat if it was the other way around..what do u mean?if i like the girl..and the girl doesnt seem interested..i dunnoshuld i wait do u know she def isnyu can sense a bad vibe..shuld i wait or shuld i move on?oh rightbad vibe?bad vibe ...the girl isnt really interested..oh rightwell maybe she is taking things slowlyso u think he shuld wait?yepwhats the need to rush?what have others said?what if he has bad experience waiting around..and he is tired of it..dunno up to him,depends on how much he can be arsed to waitanywayz..back to original qs..i shuld tell da girl that idont like her?yehhowever,how do u know she def likes u?by the way she acts..h well then she might not like uu can easily tell whether or not a girl likes u or nothow?ok k fair enoughwell if u think she wants something to happen u should tell herhuh?which girl..the one who likes me or the one who doesnt?the gal that likes uwhat shuld i tell her..that i dont wanna get involved?the truthyehin a nice way thou think the girl that doesnt like me will do the same thing to me?maybe who knowsthat boring..i think i'ma get with the girl that likes mey?i discovered in my lifetime..good things dont come to those who wait..but u dont like her?u cant just go out with someonewell my friends believe if u do wait u will get what u wantu have to be patienti've always believed "greater things come to those who DONT wait"its soooooooooo boooooooooooooooringoh well u believe what u want to but i hope my friends r correctwhats the point of getting with someone if u dont like them?its not fair on themlife is boringneeds a bit of excitement

pasture is always greener on the other side

pasture is always greener on the othersidelolhonesti ma look for a sinhala girlpasture is always greener on the otherside
lollolnah, i meanif marryin a tamil girl is a rickriskmight as well marry out of racesame riskthats wot i thought...there comes an unknownity riskit can be big my friendlollolhonest

deep talk

u settle for an arranged M???yeahi ceven if ya meet the girl of ur dreamsif she isnt attainable..then she isnt my dreamif she is attainablethen i aint gonna AMbut i can find dream girl in AMi cbelief is the drive of life mate..if u believe...then u'l make itLM is movie fantasy almosthmmm..can bei can have a love marriage..but i got my principlesand they are?rejecting girls on virginity is my principle..too short for me, hangs with the wrong people, smokes, drink, etc..etc..we all got similar..infact most tamils got that kinda principles i guessyeahand love is supposed to look beyond all thatkindaimpossible to find love if u look at those thingsunless u live in sri-lankahmmm...not even thereyeahAM seems a better thing to than LMtrueif LM not marry out of race?how would u know she a virginwhy not *some girls u can tell, some by their history, some by their actions, some great in deception and actinglolhonestlyyeahgot to be careful mateyu can also tell by who she hangs aorund withtrue

msn...provides my daily dose of laugh

so why u talking to mehuh?...should i have a reason to?from how the last convo ended yeahthe lil arguements? u have no one else to talk to or something?yeh i do...why do u ask?cos u find it odd that im chatting to u?yehi dont hold grudges for get annoyed but still stan dby as a friend....lifes too short to hold grudges....and u didnt piss me off to that extent where i hate ui still got more work to do thenoh that ur aim then?yeh y notwhy thou?how is me chatting to u as a mate causing any problems?oooh mate

my msn convos..

i should start saving them...

here is an extract from a convo with a friend about my niece

semi says: today went all the way up the stairs by herself..then when it time to get down..came into my arms

Mxxx says: and you carried her like a bomb?

semi says: yeah, coz u wouldnt wanna drop a bomb

mxxx says : and you wouldn't hold her close either

semi says: safety first