deep talk

u settle for an arranged M???yeahi ceven if ya meet the girl of ur dreamsif she isnt attainable..then she isnt my dreamif she is attainablethen i aint gonna AMbut i can find dream girl in AMi cbelief is the drive of life mate..if u believe...then u'l make itLM is movie fantasy almosthmmm..can bei can have a love marriage..but i got my principlesand they are?rejecting girls on virginity is my principle..too short for me, hangs with the wrong people, smokes, drink, etc..etc..we all got similar..infact most tamils got that kinda principles i guessyeahand love is supposed to look beyond all thatkindaimpossible to find love if u look at those thingsunless u live in sri-lankahmmm...not even thereyeahAM seems a better thing to than LMtrueif LM not marry out of race?how would u know she a virginwhy not *some girls u can tell, some by their history, some by their actions, some great in deception and actinglolhonestlyyeahgot to be careful mateyu can also tell by who she hangs aorund withtrue