BBC - the fall

the world renowned BBC is set to increase its licence fees by 2.3%, an above inflation rise, to meet its rising costs.

i remember reading staff getting a large boost to their salaray, and now the director wants to get that money from the people? wtf is he on? crack?

lets see now, do we need all these channels?

this is BBC1, the channels which gets all the best of BBC, i used to watch it regulary but not since the influx of programs from america such as friends, CSI and Lost on Channel 4 or Five.
but i do watch its holiday programs, like holiday 200*, and departure lounge etc, there is a certain class to the program screened on bbc1

this is the alernative channels offered by bbc incase you dont like whats offered on bbc1, it used to watch simpsons on it, star trek, but where have they all gone? taking my money but you dont show the programs i like...?!?!?! still it shows the classic comedies wuch as blackadder, porridge, red dwarf and such ...somtimes, at 11pm, oh yes and top gear, a nice program

the rubbish collection channel, full of repeats, they play the same episode of little britain for one week, if you are gonna repeat then why bother having such a channel?
isnt it a waste of time? and money? so spreading a good program to BBC 3 will make BBC 3 sucessfull? i dont think so

i've never watched this channel, never found it interesting enough to watch? yes that may be the case!

BBC 24 News
this is the 24 hour news channels to rival the 24 hour news channels from CNN, ITN etc..etc... i mean they are funded by adverts, and i do sometimes see adverts for malaysia on bbc 24, i dont think a people funded organisation can have a 24 hour news channel

BBC Parliament
ok so you allow the 24 hours news channel, but what the hell is this for? i remember this was shown for an hour on bbc2, now it has its own channel, do people really sit there and watch every incy wincy bit of what happens in the parliament? if something interesting happens isnt it going to be in the news?

CBBC Childrens
oh yes the CBBC channel, although around 4 when all the children get home from school bbc1 goes all children programs, this is some dedication to dumbfy the whole nation. ok so its ok, let the children have some fun

CBeebies Todlers
another dedication to show tellytubbies to dumb down the todlers, but is there a need for two different channels? couldnt you show in one channel todler tv in the morning and older ones later when the school is over?

i think BBC is expanding beyond its means, it cant cope with expanding so much without having new and decent programs, repeats are boring!

let me see what i watched lastweek: i dont think i watch that much tv

departue lounge
england vs austria
jack dee live at the apollo



Channel 4
bremner, bird and fortune

Channel Five

CSI Miami
CSI New York
The gadget show
fifth gear