Name all the countries in the world...Africas

here i may add countries which maybe part of europe..


South Africa (Nelson Mandela, Zulus)
Zimbabwe (Mugabe)
Kenya (lotta indians there, coffee, those kenyan warriors)
Zambia (lost on me, i got money from this country 100 kwacha or something)
Sierra leone (kanye west, diamonds, war)
Congo (Dr.congo, ebola)
Nigeria (had friends from there, football, kanu)
cameroon (football)
Somalia (better not say it)
Ethiopia (poorest national, king haile salasie, rasta god)
madagascar (has the upside down tree, nice place)
Ghana (had friends from ghana)
guniea (too many countries named guniea or guyana or some shit)
Algeria (lot of them in paris)
Morocco (footballer - hadji )
Senegal (footballers)
Egypt (all that history)
tanzania (getting lost in africa now...)
east africa, west africa central africa, (i think i seen them)

thats all i can remember of the africas


Sudhamshu said...

Back to Geography school, are we? ;).

You seem to be a fan of soccer. Which club do you support? I'm a gunner fan.

AJ said...

Liverpool... we always have a dodgy season

chelsea is running away with everything