Name all the countries in the world...Americas

idea from happy sam

i havnt got a job, i am bored so here it goes, from my head and why i remember these countries)

Canada (its there, know too many canadians)
United Stats of America (no one can forget this country exists)
Mexico (me-he-co, what issss it good for? absolutley nothing!!)
Jamaica (different government from barbados? bob marley, who can forget jamaica)
Barbados (nice beaches)
haiti (news man said one of he poorest nations in the world)
cuba (fidel)
st.lucia (always on holidays programs, place for the rich n famous)
suriname ( heard some tamil people live there)
guatamala ( makes chewingum rubber thing)
venezuela (weird name, makes lotta oil, got a crack pot president)
bolivia (football)
brazil (beatuyful by snoop dogg comes to mind, not just for the girls but the shots2)
argentina (football, falklands war, bunch of cheating footballers 1998 World Cup)
peru (tintin..prisonner of the sun? )
chile (eat a lotta chilly, has highest town?)
uruguay (football)
paraguay (football)
guiana (robinson crusoe)
colombia (where the drugs are)
costa rica (football, high crime rate?)

i think i missed a few in the gap between south and north america, prolly some island s in the middle too, trinidad & tobago to name one... dwight yorke the footballer comes from there, and its such a funny name, also mentioned in robinson crusoe


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados and Cuba are not part of the Americas - they are part of the CARIBBEAN.

AJ said...

they are part of the continents,
i know there is no caribbean continent