Trip to Bedford

Bedford is the middle of england, a nice town with a lotta country side, a quiet little town which the council (i guess) is trying to ruin by promoting it as the best place in UK to do business, since its has a central position.

this was where i arrived, Unilever, Colworth, the company behind major UK products

look at this, is there anything weird about this? does it look like a funeral office thingy? this is the reception of this huge company, considering the products they make you would think they would have a better setup, alas no!

the interview went allright, although i got the feeling they rather needed a teacher to teach the existing members who are of biology backgroun bioinformatics, rather than for me to do actual work. (of course i hope the person who interviewed me doesnt read this).

here is another pic

a nice smoking chimney


shree said...

r u tryina get a job or get a jack outta the company even before u start ?:S