Ghajini - Surya, Asin


went to this movie last friday, the movie was allright because it had a good mix of comedy and action. thank god for the comedy cause i hate the action, the movie turned out to be Memento sold to the tamil public. Memento was a complicated script which this director couldnt carry through. in the tamil version the guy forgot everything where as in memento he remembers everything before the "incident", it is impossible to have a man searching for the killers of his wife if he doesnt know himself. then to put a masala twist on the whole plot the villains turned out to be twins, they used some real good special effects to like in matrix but with just two "mr.smiths". director lacked the finishing touches to the movie, he himself wasnt complete so the film had rough edges which he didnt bother to clean up but he has tried.

Surya, very good, although the crazy surya wasnt all that, i dont know why he had to look like a psycho just coz he lost his memory. the surya before the "incident" looked good, i dont know whether he was wearing a wig or was tryna look like vivek oberoi, but i think he should carry dat effect on. There is a moment in the film where Asin tells surya that he can go and there is a smile from surya which looks as tho he is impressed by her acting and the way she carries her self, superb.

Asin, where has this girl been all this time? only seen this movie with her so cant judge her acting ability but she does the comedy well. have to see her in a differnt role to see whether she can act, seems she has taken over the jyothika role, thank god director didnt chose jyothika!!!!


Yaaro said...

Well, Asin has been around for sometime now . . .M.kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi, Ullam ketkume and also in a few other movies which aren't out yet like Vijay's Sivakasi, Vikram's Maja and Ajith's godfather.

AJ said...

i dont watch many movies although i seem to the missed her in ullam kekumae, i believe i watched that movie, oh yes.. she did have a different role in the movie and she did do well, she is impressive

looking forward to all those movies