First Contact: Call or text

what i bloody realise now is that this aint the first time this has happened, i been wondering who these idiots were and pissing off some people by askin them if it was them who was prank callin me, so this friggin cow has been behind it all this time,

suhanya: hello why is mu number in ur msn name?

Semi: who were da idiots dat called me last night?

suhanya: there is no nee to have my number as ur msn name!

Semi: so who called me maybe i can have their number to put on my msn
were u drunk and passed out?

Suhanya: yep, change it

Semi: give me some numbers den, so u always gettin drunk and passed out?

Suhanya: i wasnt passed out!

Semi: out of your head at some guys place...

Suhanya: (pause) what no

Semi: right...

Suhanya: can you take off my number off your webpage and msn

Semi: give me some other numbers to put up

Suhanya: i dont have other numbers, ur such a loser!#

Semi: and u r?

Instant Booty Call:

thats the 2nd and 3rd call, the first one doesnt work, damn conversion tool