Name all the countries in the world...Europe

well..this should be interesting...europe, still continuing my geography lesson

United Kingdom (i live here)
-england (i live here, bbc?)
-scotland (the scottish accent, billy connoly)
-wales (sheeps, biology field trip)
-northern ireland (problems)
Ireland (guiness, not that i drink it, irish comedians, accent)
France (paris is beautyful, eiffel, lots of tamil people, gotta do the da vinci code tour)
germany (hitler, still?)
holland (oh yeah baby!!! weed, space cake, ice tea)
luxembourg (small place)
Belgium (drove through this place, talked my first bit of french to someone i didnt know at 3 in the morning to a baker)
Spain (gotta go here)
Italy (history, gotta do the angels and demons tour in rome)
switzerland (supposedly a beautyful county, lots of tamil people here)
greece (all the greeks i've met are idiots)
cyprus (doesnt know to whom it belongs)
malta (stronger currency than pound sterling)
norway (no way i'm going to norway)
finland (nokia, language close to sanskript apprently)
iceland (hot place with lots of volcanoes)
denmark (lots of tamils there)
sweden (nice place apparently, Ericsson phone company, sven goran eriksson)
estonia (weeeird)
bulgaria (world cup 1994 in usa, those were its days)
czechoslovakia (spelt wrong)
romania (football)
kosovo (is it a city?)

eastern europe is messy

russia (old USSR, big, i want to buy land from it)
ukraine (dynamo kiev)
andora (the little state)
monaco (whats the stroy with monaco? is it a country?)
hungary (Everyone forgets this country)
austria (germans)

thats it...i feel like i've forgotten a major country but who cares..


Anonymous said...


And yes, Sweden is a nice country. I was an exchange student there in high school.

T said...

s**t europe has this many countries

AJ said...

oh yeah i missed out poland...

yeah europe has lots of little countries especially eastern europe, and i've missed out atleast 10 countries