it was a pitch black night, directly infront his eyes he could see the silver streaks of rain falling, there was no sound, his ears and body wrapped up in clothes which were now wet and cold. he couldnt see further than the rain, still he marched on with his bare feet sinking a little into the earth. his mind was tormenting him, he could see flashes, he saw wolves teeth gnashing at his body and he saw black blood running down his face. then he heard something, leaf rustling, sound of footsteps, was it real? he came to a sudden stop and looked back, nothing, then he started walking again. the noises continued. his eyes were misleading him, his ears were tricking him, his mind was sinking into fear, he could see himself almost drowning in quicksand. his last gasp for air, his bodys last attempt to free itself. then a large growling noise, he fell to the ground and tears started to fall from his eyes.