Ronnie Barker 1929 - 2005

the picture shows Ronnie Barker in "porridge" the show which i would switch from any program to watch, the show is perfection and Ronnie Barker made the difference. the show is a jewel in the british comedy collection, nothing like that is shown on tv nowdays.

one of m favourite sketches was of Ronnie Barker, a prisoner, trying to escape from a house where he and his prison guard take refuge after they break down on route from the hospital (not sure). So its night time and they get into this abandoned house and soon mr.baraclough (the prison guard) goes to sleep and fletcher (ronnie barker) clibms out the window and runs, and runs, and runs, then he breaks into a house, then as he is about to open the door he hears some noise from the other side, he graps a saucepan lying around and stands behind the door, the door swings open and its mr.baraclough, fletcher looks bewildered...he's only run around in cricles and broken into the house he ran away from. porridige full of these genius scripts.

here you can read some of his best lines aswell as lines sent in by the bbc readers.

some of the lines i like

Porridge: "We dug another tunnel, and hid the dirt in there."

Open All Hours: "This Jamaican ginger cake's not from Jamaica." "So? We sell Mars bars, don't we?"

Rest in Peace Mr.Barker