Name all the countries in the world...Asia

let continue by coutries challenge..

i'm going to include australasia/oceania in this too

Australia (cricket, kangaroos, nice weather, nice countryside, abroginies, outback, bush walking, killer spiders, dat dude off tv who catches dangerous animals, crocodile dundee, cocky people, racist)
New Zealand (more sheep than people)
Tahiti (honey moon capital, sweetest place)
paupau new guinea (tribes eat human brains, history of CJD)
indonesia (whats the different between this and phillipines?)
phillipines (whats the different between this and indonesia?)
Malaysia (lots of sri-lankan tamils there)
singapore (my heaven)
thailand (gotta go bali one time)
maynmar (i saw this a few days back, weird country)
burma (meh!)
cambodia (meh! pol pott)
vietnam (all those hollywood movies potraying the american as good and viets as bad, cha)
China (a country i wanna visit)
japan (a country i wanna visit, home of technology, manga, cool shit)
mongolia (nomads)
laos (is this a country?)
Bangladesh (formerly eastern pakistan, always flooding)
india (breaking up little by little, tamil movies, bollywood)
sri-lanka (doh!)
Maldives (another honey moon place, nice hilton hotels)
pakistan (indians hate pakistanis, pakistanis hate indians, 50 years ago they were all one, mighty stupid)
afghanistan (ossama is not there)
lot more ".....stan" in asia, cant name em all, kazakstan, kirkistan, stupidstan

wondering where i should put the middle east countries in this...
lately because of news, i think i know most of the middle east

Saudi arabia (they cut your arm for stealing, your d*ck for rape, women get stoned for cheating, nice country)
Iran (stuck in the old ages)
Iraq (all that history reduced to saddam)
Oman (tiny)
Qatar (has the crapest football team in fifa 96 on mega drive)
UAE (dubai is a city of UAE, dubai is very very nice)
Israel (full of self righteous jews)
Palestine (full of self righteous muslims)
jordan (keeps its head out of problems)

shiznitz...thats all i remember


Anonymous said...

Came across this post while looking for blogs posting articles about Malaysia :-) Interesting of you trying to list down the country names

Well, by the way, please allow me to describe the main attributes of Malaysia here. Malaysia is known as one of the most unique multi-racial nation in Asia. The tourism attractions are enriched with heritage and nature scenes. Thus, it's not hard to find great eco-tourism spots and unique diving destinations in Malaysia.

By the way, Malaysia is also well-known with its great landmark - the Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur

AJ said...

i remember malaysia for Lankawi more than the petronas tower,

AJ said...

looks like i'll have to turn on word authorisation to get rid of spammers

Danny Boy, FCD said...

"indonesia (whats the different between this and phillipines?)
phillipines (whats the different between this and indonesia?)"

First, it's spelled Philippines. Second, there are significant differences such as that Indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world and the Philippines is the most populous christian country in Asia.

Also, Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch while the Philippines by Spain. Their languages, while both derived from an ancient Austronesian source, are significantly different that they cannot meaningfully converse with one another. Bahasa Indonesia, in particular, is very similar to Bahasa Malaysian. Some consider the two languages as mere dialects of each other.

AJ said...

thanks dan,

its strange how islam has travelled from arabia to asia

Keith said...

first off Australia ISN'T considered Asia.
Bali is NOT in Thailand it's in Indonesia.
Laos is a Country.
Malaysia is only about 4% sri-lankan Tamil.
Singapore is NOT heaven...quite the opposite.
Philipines is mostly Catholic, Indonesia is Muslim.
Philipines is a whole different country from Indonesia you Ignoramus.

AJ said...

"i'm going to include australasia/oceania in this too"

who is ignoramus now? BITCH!

Bali is near thailand

4% is a lot considering other countries, i dont think you'll understand this

why isnt singapore heaven? thats subjective, fuck face!

i know they are both different countries but i never had the need to learn much about either country.

quit bitchin